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Housing Needs Survey

Every household should have received one of these surveys recently, and many have asked why this was.

It is to ask your opinion on the need for additional Affordable Housing within the Parish with a view to allowing developers to breach the Village Boundary to accommodate such a need.

There is a specific plot outside the boundary in view for development, although no planning application has yet been made.

A full explanation can be found HERE.

Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan has been examined by the Independent Examiner, and adopted by WNC. The last step in the process was the Referendum, held on 6th May, and which was passed by 112 votes to 5!

We now have a Neighbourhood Plan in place which carries legal weight in any future planning and development decisions taken by WNC.

Thanks are due to jeremy Roychoudhury!

Ashton Adopted Plan

This is viewable on the Supporting Documents page, as well as via the button above.

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Next meeting: January 12th 2022

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To view or download copies of the minutes of Parish Council meetings, please click HERE.

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