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The financial plight of Northamptonshire County Council continues to make the news headlines; fortunately we do not have that problem in Ashton.

In the main, this is because we manage our finances prudently, taking care to live within our means and keep adequate reserves for unexpected spending demands. That said, most things go up in price, year on year, especially the unavoidable spending on things like electricity for street lights, insurance, mowing and grounds maintenance and yes, the Clerk's salary!  

To maintain our financial position, the precept - the money that is raised from Ashton residents and collected by SNC as part of your Council Tax - will rise by £1,500 next year, from £15,000 to £16,500.  

Whilst the leaflet that accompanies your Council Tax bill next month will probably show this as a 10% increase for Ashton, that does not mean that you will be paying 10% more, rather it reflects the fact that the building of more and bigger houses in Ashton means there are more people paying more money into the Council Tax pot, so we increase the precept demand to South Northants Council to make sure that we , the Council claim our share of that money on your behalf, to spend in and on Ashton.  

I hope this makes sense; if not, please do get in touch.

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