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As previously announced via the Ashton Village e-mail service, Northants County Council has mounted a public consultation over its budget proposals for the coming year April 2018 - March 2019.  

The draft budget proposes spending reductions that will be achieved through cuts in several significant services, not least of which is libraries and rural buses, once the current contract comes to an end.  Several residents have contacted the Council to object to the cuts.  

Please note that these cuts are neither proposed by nor under the control of the Parish Council, but please also be assured that we have responded formally to NCC as part of  the consultation, objecting to these proposals.  

The Parsh Council is working with our NCC Ward Cllr Allen Walker and SNC Ward Cllr John Budden as well as with neighbouring parishes to preserve the services, particularly the 33/33A bus service, that are vital to Ashton residents.  

Roxhill Northampton Gateway Strategic Rail Freight Interchange

See the latest Newsletter about the proposed Rail Interchange here.

Our Clerk wrote this email as the PC’s response to the proposals.

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